Standard library

The amaranth.lib module, also known as the standard library, provides modules that falls into one of the three categories:

  1. Modules that will used by essentially all idiomatic Amaranth code, or which are necessary for interoperability. This includes amaranth.lib.enum (enumerations), (data structures), amaranth.lib.wiring (interfaces and components), amaranth.lib.meta (interface metadata), and (data streams).

  2. Modules that abstract common functionality whose implementation differs between hardware platforms. This includes amaranth.lib.memory and amaranth.lib.cdc.

  3. Modules that have essentially one correct implementation and are of broad utility in digital designs. This includes amaranth.lib.fifo, and amaranth.lib.crc.

As part of the Amaranth backwards compatibility guarantee, any behaviors described in these documents will not change from a version to another without at least one version including a warning about the impending change. Any nontrivial change to these behaviors must also go through the public review as a part of the Amaranth Request for Comments process.

The Amaranth standard library is separate from the Amaranth language: everything provided in it could have been implemented in a third-party library.